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The Spruce Pine Plate Lady 

Mitchell County is home to one of the richest artist populations in the nation.  Spruce Pine is a hidden gem of a town that captivates locals and tourists alike through its rich art scene and outdoor adventure. Emma Cadman, who has recently called Spruce Pine home, has broken into this artist dense area and has made a unique name for herself, The Plate Lady

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Emma breathes life into broken pieces, crafting stunning mosaic murals out of discarded plates. Her murals adorn public spaces throughout Spruce Pine, breathing new life into forgotten corners and blank canvases. From community areas to outdoor parks, Emma's work serves as a testament to the town's vibrant artistic spirit.  Emma comments on the art of creating mosaics, "To me, it is a metaphor for this book of life. Much like broken pieces of ceramic or glass can collectively form a piece of art, life often presents us with challenges and moments when things seem to fall apart. Sometimes, with care, patience, and often tears, these trials can contribute to a new chapter that has the potential to be incredibly beautiful."

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Not only does her murals hang throughout Spruce Pine, she also started an initiative with Spruce Pine Main Street to create Mosaic Mondays. The spark to host community mosaic days was ignited during a trip Emma had to Mexico. There, she discovered the mesmerizing Lazaro Cardenas Tile Park which stands as a testament to the transformative power of art. This park, once a slum area, has been reborn into a federally protected oasis, all thanks to volunteers who believe in the magic of creation and community involvement.

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Emma hopes this project expands to the borders of Mitchell County. "I hope that these smaller crafted mosaics will encourage visitors to explore the hidden treasures and natural beauty that make Mitchell County a destination worth discovering, says Emma." If you would like to learn about Mosaic Monday's and how to volunteer in other areas, follow the Spruce Pine Main Street Facebook page.

riverside park in downtown spruce pine
artwork in downtown spruce pine
artwork in downtown spruce pine
artwork in downtown spruce pine
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