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2024 Spring Break Stay Local Itinerary 

As spring break approaches, the wanderlust in us often kicks in, urging us to embark on exotic adventures to far-off lands. However, sometimes the most enriching experiences can be found right in our own backyard. If you're looking for a refreshing and fulfilling spring break without straying too far from home, Mitchell County has everything you need for a memorable getaway. Nestled in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains, this quaint county in North Carolina boasts stunning landscapes, charming shops, and great dining options. Let's take a closer look at how you can make the most of your spring break while staying local and hopefully saving money! 


Take your first day of the Easter holiday and explore Penland School of Craft. Visitors are welcome at the Penland Gallery, Supply Store, and the Coffee House. SELF-GUIDED TOUR MAP + more info about visiting and campus walking tour – HERE


March 29

Take part in local Easter egg hunts in Bakersville or Buladean! Both egg hunts begin at 11am. The Bakersville egg hunt will take place at the Bakersville Creekwalk. The Buladean egg hunt will take place at the Buladean Community Foundation (formerly Buladean School). Afterwards grab lunch in Bakersville at one of their many restaurants:

March 30

Egg Hunting

Take it easy and stroll through Riverside Park, the Bakersville Creekwalk, or around Brad Ragan! Don't forget the fun play areas all three parks have! Afterwards, grab a snow cone from Pelican's

March 31


April 1

Explore Emerald Village and the NC Mining Mususem! After all the fun you can stand, make your way back to Little Switzerland Downtown for lunch at the Switzerland Cafe! 


April 2

If the weather allows, get wild and visit one of our outdoor adventure guides for fun on the river! Don't forget they offer so much more than rafting trips! Tubing anyone?

Rafting Team

April 3

Get your feel for the Wild Wild West and saddle up a horse at Springmaid Mountain! After you finish hitting the trails, enjoy lunch in Spruce Pine and finish the day exploring Gem Mountain and grabbing their Pineapple Dole Whip ice cream! 


April 4

It's DOLLAR DAYS at Grandfather Mountain! Take the family next door and explore Grandfather! Don't forget a picnic lunch and to stop by and see the Bears and Eagles! 


April 5

Are you a family that loves trivia? Head to the City Drive In for their monthly music trivia night! Enjoy great food and good music! 


April 6

It's your last Saturday before work and school start back! How will you spend the day? Use this day to create a new family tradition that lasts! Whether that tradition be eating at a certain restaurant or traveling to a new place... make memories that last! 

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