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Enjoy Cinco De Mayo at Local Mitchell Co. Restaurants 

As the festive spirit of Cinco De Mayo approaches, there's no better way to celebrate than by indulging in the vibrant flavors of Mexican cuisine. While the occasion is often associated with margaritas and tacos, it's also an opportunity to explore the culinary treasures and historical importance of the holiday. Cinco De Mayo, although widely celebrated in the United States, holds significant historical importance in Mexico, commemorating the victory of the Mexican army over the French Empire in the Battle of Puebla. It's a day filled with pride, unity, and of course, delicious food. In Mitchell County, residents and visitors alike can partake in the festivities by patronizing local eateries that specialize in Mexican cuisine.

Image by Jorge Aguilar

Blue Ridge Taco 

Our newest restaurant in town, they offer flavorful cuisine from street tacos to yummy huarache. Not only do they have authentic favorites, but plentiful breakfast dishes from pancakes and French toast! They are not open on Sundays, so you won't be able to celebrate exactly on May 5th, but you can visit them Monday - Saturday! Check out their menu here


El Ranchero 

Photo from Blue Ridge Taco

On Lower Street in Spruce Pine, dine with El Ranchero and find your favorite Mexican staples like ACP, Fajitas, and so much more! They also serve up Margaritas! You can dine with them seven days a week! Explore their menu here! 

Tortilla Chips in Basket

Puerto Nuevo 

At Puerto Nuevo Mexican and Seafood Restaurant, everything is prepared daily with fresh, healthy, high quality ingredients. Your experience is enhanced by the most reliable and professional service. Puerto Nuevo offers authentic Mexican dishes, including a vegetarian menu and many more fresh seafood choices.We have a large selection of tequilas and a variety of margaritas.The real surprise is that the Guacamole dip tastes fresh ... and it tastes like avocado. You can visit them 7 days a week! 


Photo from Puerto Nuevo 

Tropical Grill 

"The Tropical Grill" is here to give you an unexpected dining experience.   As you exit off the Blue Ridge Parkway at Spruce  Pine, NC,  go to "Upper Street"  in downtown Spruce Pine. Tropical Dishes can be found  from around the world...  Not found anywhere in the mountains and in some cases nowhere else in the Continental United States.  Dishes from Jamaica,  Colombia, Cuba,  Argentina, the Caribbean, Asia and of course all your favorite Country Style American Home Cookin'. The restaurant is not open on Sundays but you can visit them the other six days of the week. 


Photo from Tropical Grill

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